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Work With Professional Extrusion Profile Supplier Simple Cooperation, Simple Business
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    From R & D to production, we have a complete and logical supply chain as extrusion profile manufacturers for our global customers.
custom extruded profiles
Raw Material Solution
Structural Design
Process Solution
Test Solution
Raw Material Solution

The profile extrude process has many restrictions on raw materials, but we can provide corresponding and appropriate suggestions. At the same time, our extruded profile factory has a complete laboratory that can be used for testing.

Structural Design

Structural technology is to provide suggestions on the structural design of extruded profile. At the same time, we have complete 3D printing suggestions and drawing skills of complex CAD drawings.

Process Solution

As one of the extruded profile suppliers, we have a strong post-processing capability for the process plan. Drilling, punching, engraving, printing and other complex processes related to profile extrusion can all give suggestions on fitting requirements and complete them perfectly.

Test Solution

We have a full set of test plans in the laboratory. Before leaving the extruded profile factory, we will carry out rigorous testing and inspection, such as UV resistance test, high and low-temperature test, flame retardant test, etc. Our extrusion profiles are all qualified, so as to cooperate efficiently.

Our customers will choose extruded profile company HUAYU PLASTIC when they have challenging production requirements that they can't be solved in other extrusion profile manufacturers.

This usually includes engineering and production support for plastic extrusions that require tight tolerances, precision profiles, and depth secondary processing requirements such as cutting complex shape punching, or drilling.

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Displaying the Appropriate Process of Making Plastic Extrusion Profiles
Complete Supply Chain Process of Making Extruded Profile China
  • Extruded Profile R&D Centre
    R&D Centre
  • Granulation Process Of Custom Extrusion Profile
    Granulation Process
  • Extrusion Profile Process
    Extrusion Process
  • Extrusion Profile Post-processing Process-sewing
  • Extrusion Profile Packing
Strong And Rigorous Supply Chain Control of Making Custom Extrusion Profile

We can provide a ProCurement+Management mode for all kinds of profile extrude materials, such as plastic, glass, rubber, metal and etc.

When assembling parts, we can purchase appropriate materials on behalf of customers, thus completing the assembly project efficiently. This depends on our strong supply chain, rigorous closed-loop management of extruded profiles and close cooperation with all partners.

  • Plastic Extrusion Profile
  • Glass Extrusion Profile
  • Rubber Extrusion Profile
  • Metal Extrusion Profile
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