Custom service is a key aspect of the PVC profile manufacturer, as companies strive to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers. Offering custom solutions for unique applications is a competitive advantage for PVC profile manufacturers.


Design is critical in PVC profile applications like windows, doors, automotive, house appliances, and engineering equipment. Proper design of custom extrusion profile ensures structural integrity, functionality, and aesthetics. Considerations include material properties, extrusion process, and design elements like cross-section, color, and texture. We are constantly exploring new design options for their products to meet the evolving needs and aesthetics of the industries. From custom shapes and colors to unique textures and finishes, we are pushing the boundaries of design to create innovative and attractive PVC profiles.

Plastic Extrusion Profile Design

These Are the Special Assembly Processes of Our Company

Sewing Services

We provide comprehensive sewing services for plastic and rubber parts used in industries like automobiles and electric tools, such as detachable bicycle tires and water-retaining sealing strips, ensuring quality and durability.

Plastic Welding Services

Our reliable plastic welding services, including ultrasonic welding, heating welding, and sealing strip welding, result in strong and precise bonds between plastic parts.

Self-adhesive Tape Application

We provide the service of applying self-adhesive tape to the back of plastic and rubber products, improving the product's grip or simplifying its installation.

Product Dispensing and Bonding Assembly

We offer assembly services for dispensing and bonding components on an assembly line, ensuring accuracy and consistency of the assembly process for high-quality finished products.

Custom Extruded Profile Tooling


Our state-of-the-art equipment, expert CAD designers, and highly experienced technicians with over 10 years in the field allow us to produce personalized and customized extruded profile to meet our customers' unique requirements. Our extensive knowledge base and exceptional team ensure that we deliver satisfactory service to all of our customers.

Raw Material

Our company provides customized raw material solutions to meet individual customer requirements. We conduct independent research and development to ensure that our solutions are tailored to specific performance needs, such as color, straightness, and strength. In addition, we offer various procurement and management options for different materials, including plastic, glass, rubber, and metal. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to our customers and help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Extruded Profile Raw Material
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