Cultivating High-Tech Enterprises: Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd Enters 2021 High-Tech Enterprise Cultivation Library

Feb 21 , 2023

On December 2, 2021, the Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau announced that Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd has successfully entered the 2021 "Wuxi City High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Library". This program is designed to cultivate and store high-tech enterprises in Wuxi City, with the goal of developing a group of excellent enterprises that possess core key technologies, intellectual property rights, strong research and development capabilities, and a focus on industry-university-research cooperation. These enterprises are expected to have certain achievement transformation capabilities, as well as high growth potential, which would enable them to grow into high-tech enterprises.

The high-tech enterprise cultivation library is a process that involves various procedures, including enterprise declaration, local recommendation, expert review, comprehensive review, and discussion and decision at the party group meeting of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Other procedures such as district review and recommendation, expert review, and publicity are also followed. The objective of these procedures is to strengthen the cultivation of high-tech enterprises, ensuring that only enterprises that meet the necessary requirements are accepted into the library.

By entering the 2021 "Wuxi City High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Library", Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd has laid the foundation for high-tech certification. This achievement is not only an honor but also a responsibility. The company, a pvc profile manufacturer, now has new opportunities to build an innovative enterprise, which makes it possible for the company to win more technical and policy support from the country in the process of innovation and development. Additionally, it provides a fundamental guarantee for new product profiles.

Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd is encouraged to continue focusing on research and development for its service objects, adhere to the principle of using technology to serve the market, and further improve its ability for independent innovation. The company plans to continuously improve its brand image, strengthen its research and development investment, improve its technological innovation capabilities and service levels, and give full play to the advantages and exemplary role of high-tech enterprises. This will help more global customers to create their own custom plastic profile products, enhance their own product competitiveness, and create better conditions for the sound and rapid development of Wuxi's economy.

Overall, being part of the 2021 "Wuxi City High-tech Enterprise Cultivation Library" is a significant achievement for Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd It opens up new opportunities for the company and provides a foundation for its growth and development as a high-tech enterprise.

Cultivating High-Tech Enterprises: Wuxi Fore-Tech Co., Ltd Enters 2021 High-Tech Enterprise Cultivation Library